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I have 6L6's in my Dual Rectifier and Carvin X100B if I want that kind of sound.Even though I've had this amp for a few days so far I've had the bass just about all the way up and the treble and presence usually aren't higher then 4 or 5. On Michael Wageners recomendation for a good 'all round' rock workhorse recording set up - I bought an Engle Savage 120 Special Edition.

I just scored a 2205 which is a JCM 800 two channel 50 watter with 'verb.Any higher then that and your right, it gets thin and bright. I have a stereo cab - one side has vintage the other 30?speakers in it (my idea) either way they are different and give me recording options I dig.I don't know if that's a good thing for you or not.Personally I think it's bad because I like the EL34 midrange bite in a Marshall.Also - a golden eared guitar chum who has been through all the Line6 stuff reckons that the Distortion Modeler is actually worth having.. I dunno if I can be f***ked to collect all the distortion pedals ever made.. rollz I don't know about that Line 6 distortion thing. i know a place where you can get Orange OD120 heads for 0 including air freight. but they are labelled [BLUE, GREEN, RED, BLACK, POTLEAF] i would dig a blue and a black one. Jules, I tried the Line 6 distortion modeler and was pretty disappointed. I'm a big fan of the delay and modulation modelers though.


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