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As revealed in Genesis 3, this dual sexuality can exacerbate the discordant, testing, rebellious nature of man and woman.Adam and Eve allowed themselves to be seduced by the serpent and its offer of forbidden fruit.For Jesus, love was primary in all human relationships; sexuality was secondary. The repression of sex in earlier generations has been replaced now by an obsession with sex.One result is that increasing numbers of people expect too much of sexual intercourse. Even the church loses perspective, although in a different way.If these appraisals are true, the church has overreacted.Alarmists fail to remember that generations come and generations go, but the Lord remains forever (Psa. Sexual misuses and abuses are serious sins; however, they are not the only sins.There is no reason to become tense and condemnatory about sexual abuses out of proportion with numerous other sins that are equally serious.

Such statements are called "monumental" by some and "the most controversial issues the church has faced in a generation" by others.In the Genesis 1 account of creation, sexuality is one of the first human attributes to be identified: Male and female God created them (Gen.: Other distinguishing characteristics--race, stature, intelligence--are omitted.He wrote: "...there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Gal. Our oneness in Christ supersedes the old human distinctions and inequalities including race, economic status, and sex. Although Jesus briefly addressed a few issues related to sexuality--adultery, marriage, divorce, and celibacy--these were not the emphases in his teaching.Paul gave enough attention elsewhere to sexuality to make it clear that he did not ignore this subject. When asked to identify the greatest commandment, he named two: "Love God and love neighbor" (Mark -30).Furthermore, the church holds to the teaching that sexual intercourse, which can be the most intimate expression of sexuality and the bonding of human relationships, belongs within heterosexual marriage.


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    Denouncing this and other practices whereby the authority of the Church and the Pope were seen to tread on the authority of God Almighty and of the Believer.

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