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After his release from prison, though, Edwina and Marco reconcile and marry.

Apparently reformed from his criminal ways, partners-in-crime Marco and Karen learns that Tina's (adoptive) father, Ted Clayton, is attempting to swindle the Lord family fortune from Viki.

Simultaneously empathetic to Karen's plight and livid with Marco's lurid behaviors, Viki proceeded to share and publish the story of Marco's business dealings with the help of her husband and editor-in-chief, Joe Riley (Lee Patterson).

Viki is later indicted and charged with the murder of Marco, unbeknownst to anyone Marco had an identical twin brother.Marco and Karen, now friends again, went about switching the sickly-and-soon-dead body of Karen's niece with the live-born child of Katrina (Kristine Karr) when Karen goes into visit the nursery of newborn children.A distraught Katrina falls into a deep depression while the elated Jenny reveled in being a new mother.As this storyline reaches a dénouement, Edwina enacts divorce proceedings with Marco and the switched baby is returned to Katrina Karr (Nancy Snyder) following the discovering.Unable to sever ties with Edwina, Marco engages in a love triangle between his ex-wife and new romance and sister of Jenny's ex-husband, Samantha Vernon.With the introduction of actress Judith Light in the role of Karen in late 1977, head writer Gordon Russell ramps up the storyline into Marco and Karen's relationship, with the role of Karen becoming a jangled bundle of nerves around Anthony's Marco.


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