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And please, don’t omit the steps outlined below the script.Don’t pluck out of this just the parts you want to use, use this in toto, as it’s meant to convey love, acceptance, openness while still setting the boundary that oral sex is something important enough to you that you are willing to have one or many uncomfortable conversations to find a winning solution together.Please tell me your beliefs about oral, did someone tell you it’s bad? Do you think you have to do it until I ejaculate and you are afraid of the semen? And it’s something that ultimately, I want you to want to do with me, for me, to me.What is oral sex in your mind and what parts of it are not pleasurable about it when you think of it? I do not want to force you or for you to feel it’s your duty.

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Like you suggest, I have tried talking it out, but in vain.I want her to give me oral sex, but she refuses it. On further instigation she just says that she does not like and that’s it.I love to give her oral sex and not only that but I spend a good time just relaxing her body by massaging (as a part of foreplay) and she loves what I do and always wants me to do the same.I want to know all the reasons why giving me oral sex doesn’t appeal to you or why you are not interested.I can only guess at reasons, and I want to know what is true for you. There is nothing you can say that will hurt my feelings, I will not take it personally because I know it is what is really true for you and that is what I care about, making you happy and making us happy together. Do I need to trim my pubic hair or are there any personal hygiene issues you need to tell me about?“My darling, I love to give you pleasure, and I want our sex life to keep getting better and better as I know it can.


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