Germen dating personals funny dating games for kids

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They care more about your personality rather than material things. In Germany, not making eye contact while clinking glasses is considered to bring you seven years of bad sex.

That’s why all of us are determined to look you into your eyes when we toast and thus don’t have bad sex. Because beer and wine are legal to drink by the age of 16, and hard liquor at 18, Germans learn how to drink early and a lot.

Many of the German women I talked to say that they don't even like German men. They are also more likely to have realistic standards.

German women..are like americans without fake smile, lack of elegance and femininity, soon they will start growing dicks, Asian trannies look far more feminine than german women, so you better off go to asia n get tranny and with small investment they can chopp off his penis and you have 100% lady with logical brain lol, no monthly periods no bs, cant have kids btw...

We may only be able to drive at 18 and in some cases at 17, but all Germans have to go through rigorous training in manual cars to receive their driver’s license.

30-40 hours of driving alongside a teacher and 12 classroom lessons where we learn about tire pressure, displacement and what not.

Skip to content I am a black man and German women are amazing to me.

Like you said, they are respectful, friendly, nice, intelligent and independent. I have talked to them mainly online, but many of them messaged me or when I message one I find interesting, 9 times out of 10 they respond.


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