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Well, there are two paths I know of that uphold the view that sexual polarity need not require a person of opposite gender. As the name implies, members of this group worship the Goddess Diana or Artemis. For every female who makes herself male will enter the kingdom of Heaven." (see Gospel of Thomas) I've been asked for additional information on how a Wiccan of the gay persuasion might hook up with others of like mind.Kazan, in his memoir, recalled Monroe as smitten with Miller too, although she continued sleeping with Kazan until she became engaged to Joe Di Maggio, whom she married in 1954.After her divorce, 10 months later, she went to New York, where her affair with Miller began in earnest. In his memoir, “Timebends,” Miller attributed some of the flaws of the play’s first Broadway production, which received mixed reviews and ran for only four months, to his internal conflict.But during their stay in Hollywood, Kazan introduced Miller to Monroe, who was then just starting her career and whom Kazan was casually pursuing.Miller was captivated by her; he fled back east, frightened but invigorated by his brush with infidelity.

For a production in London the next year Miller revised and expanded the play, changing it to prose and adding psychological details, particularly about Eddie’s relationship to his wife, Beatrice.Miller was fascinated by the story’s themes of blood loyalty, betrayal and revenge, all of which he considered important elements of Greek drama.He made notes about a possible play, but got nowhere with it and let it drop. Only Christians think sex must be between two married adults--one of each gender--or both are condemned to hell.In ceremonies typically used to generate male/female power the athame is replaced by another cup.But Miller didn’t write a simple condemnation of informing, Mr. In Eddie, “he presents the informer not as some sort of rat, but as a tragic hero.”In the play informing “is an act of self-betrayal,” because Eddie loses his place in his community and his self-respect, said Gregory Mosher, the director of the new Broadway production. “Waterfront” was written by another man who had been a “friendly witness” before the House committee, Budd Schulberg, and Kazan wrote in his memoir that he himself, having been condemned for his testimony by former friends like Miller, identified strongly with the story.


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