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One of the most densely populated areas on earth, Hong Kong is synonymous with the speed and flow of the modern city.

Its teeming streets and gleaming surfaces have inspired filmmakers from Wong Kar-wai to Jackie Chan. Due to a multi-faceted culture that stems from its unique fusion of east and west, the city-state of Hong Kong has been the setting for a wide range of films that have not merely reflected cinematic trends, but often instigated them.

Alternatively, whilst we normally marvel at the 852’s eclectic street art, when the rain is pouring, why not check out one of the cool art galleries around town?

If you’re into modern and contemporary art, The Cat Street Galley is a great one to pay a visit to, or Art Supermarket always has exciting exhibitions happening.

There are a couple dotted around town, but try checking out Jolly Thinkers () or Painkiller, in TST.

Most board game cafes also serve up a selection of snacks and coffees, with just a small minimum price to pay for a couple of hours of competitive fun!

Perfect for when visitors are in town as you’ll want to show off the best eats our city has to offer.

If the rain won’t stop pouring, you’ll just have to sit tight and order a couple more cha sui bao! Harp back to your youth and remember rainy days spent playing Monopoly with HK’s famous board game cafés!

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Again, many of the hotels all over the city have incredible spa facilities, so whether you’re going for a facial, a massage, or the whole works, there’s plenty of options to choose from!

Pause of your day of shopping and museum hopping for a sophisticated afternoon tea.

The perfect rainy day antidote, gather some friends and enjoy a slow afternoon of indulging in pastries, cakes, finger sandwiches and a couple glasses of bubbly!

Simply snuggle up with your s.o., catch up on Netflix, watch some of this year’s unmissable movies or read a good book.

Sometimes the best plan for a rainy day is no plan at all.


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