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The Deep Web may have shadowy associations to black market activity, but technically it includes all Internet pages that aren't accessible by regular search engines, including archived sites and unlinked content.

Then there's the stuff that resides on a subset of sites that that aren't accessible from a regular browser at all.

As they grow closer, someone is watching from the woods.

This book is Free on December 18, 2017Kindle300 Moons Collection by Tasha Black: Time is running out for these shifter siblings. And that means the powerful magic that keeps their animal natures in check is about to wear off, exposing them to life-threatening danger, as well as a mating instinct so powerful that only the most insatiable partner can keep up!

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She has a high-paying job working with celebrities and the elite, teaching them how to better organize their lives.

With teledildonics, the science of remotely controlled sex, you can now get up close and personal no matter how near or far away you are. Your options across a crowded room are almost too numerous and too enjoyable to count.

Since this is mature technology, you can find vibrating dildos, bullets, and eggs with remote controls for same-room use from a range of vendors.

Lydia gets a second chance when she moves to her aunt’s lake house and meets backpacker, Mike Rodgers, just passing through with secrets of his own.

A man is the last thing Lydia needs in her life, but working alongside Mike to renovate an old guest cabin, the two are drawn together with an irresistible pull.


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