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Gypsies and Travellers live shorter lives and live in poorer health than all communities across County Durham.

As a consequence an action plan to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for these communities was developed and implemented.

County Durham is a key part of the route to Appleby with areas in Teesdale offering stopover points for people travelling to the fair.

They allowed me to photograph their lives and cultures.“The children followed me around and took turns using my cameras.”The intimate photos capture family life, with numerous young children pictured.Little kids play with their toy guns and brandish them at the camera, while others puff on fake cigarettes.A baby is photographed having a bath in a washing-up bowl, while little girls put glittery make-up on one another inside their caravans.This includes the minority ethnic groups known as Gypsies - whether English, Scottish or Welsh - and Irish Travellers; whether mobile, of limited mobility, or no longer living a nomadic way of life but living in housing or in caravans on public or private sites, and so-called 'new' Travellers, some of whom are second, third, even fourth generation Travellers and/or in some cases have Gypsy or Traveller ancestors or family.We aim to meet the needs of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities who pass through the county, as well as working with local settled communities, councillors and key partners, to offer support and advice.And in-keeping with traveller traditions, youngsters are seen with their animals, from dogs to horses, with some snapped perching atop horse-drawn wagons.


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