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I'd been cross-dressing for years and had yet to meet someone that was a dominant type. This was more fun, as we modeled for each other, but every one of them was a submissive, just like me!

Mostly I met men that only wanted me to get a room, tell them the number and they would stop by and I'd blow them. We would dress, comment on each other's clothes and tease each other.

My tiny dickette twitched and I couldn't even see my balls!

I would fill your pussy with so much cum it would look like a white river running out of your cunt.

I would make sure that you cum so much that you would get close to passing out each time I slid my hard dick in your pussy and you moaned for more orgasmic pleasure.

He really was into the swinging scene, but he wasn't pushy. This day though, Nick's real girlfriend had left town to visit relatives.

He was off for lunch, had full balls and wanted to pound some sissy ass.


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