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E.2d 1241 (1993) (income from passive investments awarded as part of marital estate is income for support); In re Halbach, 506 N. 1993) (for purposes of alimony, wife's potential interest income from substantial inheritance would be considered); Guy v. Income from self-employment, rent, royalties, proprietorship of a business, or joint ownership of a partnership or closely held corporation includes gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary expenses required to produce such income.

Further, the proceeds from a life insurance contract are not considered income, but are considered return of capital. Salaries and Wages Any income derived from salary and wages is income. Salary and wages include tips, commissions, In re Marriage of Mc Queen, 492 N. 1993) (prison pay is income for purposes of child support). 1992) (court should not have shirked duty to determine income derived from insurance agent's commissions); bonuses, Hammons v. W.2d 413 (Iowa 1993) (incentive pay should be included in income where it is based on productivity); In re Marriage of Russell, 479 N. We will first examine the various statutory definitions of these terms, and then we will examine the relevant case law. It is also worth noting that the fact that income would be subject to a community property claim does not shield one-half of the income from support calculations. While the article focuses primarily on the definitions of income and expenses for child support, reference will also be made to alimony cases considering the issue. 303.8 (federal regulations require that state guidelines, at a minimum, take into consideration all income and earnings of the obligor). Nonmoney items may also be included in the definition of income.


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