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No one’s saying you can’t enjoy these things, but everyone does. We would love to read an online dating profile that states “Hi, I’m Janet and I love to cry.

Find a way to package and explain that in a creative, engaging way. Before we depart on this illegal odyssey perhaps we should figure out what kind of crime we will be getting our kicks to. Or perhaps breaking and entering is your date of choice. If you love to cry as well, please reach out so we can cry together.’’ Saying you love to laugh is like saying you love oxygen. We should stop announcing it as if it makes us unique and be a bit more imaginative. Same problem as 'partner in crime.' You’re clearly not working hard at coming up with your own words to describe yourself.

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Think of something innovative to do while you’re at it, like cooking while wearing nothing but aprons or a little food fight.

Say it like you mean it without trying to be funny or sounding corny.

[Read: How to stay happy in a relationship all the time] #9 Spend time with your partner now and then when they’re enjoying their favorite hobby, even if it’s something that doesn’t interest you much.

Don’t let your woman walk around the house for a few hours.

Carry her around the house no matter where she wants to go.


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