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With all the shit in the news today about sexual harassment, it is a wonder that anything at all can get done at work.. I did not get a lot of reports from the clubs but I do know that there were several good fish caught by club fishermen as well, including a nine plus. Like the song says, "I could have had him any day.." I'll let one of my nephews take him out.. I'll post the names and exact weights of the top teams when I get em.. The wind was a factor last Saturday, and from what I heard, the Quality Bass Club leader only had either fourteen or seventeen pounds after fishing day one.. Not the drinking one) at the course, he was having a banner day on the water. And I am feeling like I am going to bust a big ole bitch any day.. The big hardwoods are still holding some fish, but not as good as they were the week before.. This is south Texas and this shit won't last long.. I couldn't move her at all at first and I knew I had a good one on and hollered for the net. And for some, a few fantastic days have been experienced.. And while I was testing my elbow (The golfing one.. I caught a couple of fives and a few three to four pound fish, but more importantly than that, I caught a bad case of anticipation.. And when I set the hook this time I knowed it wadn't no two pounder.. Can you imagine how many eggs that thing might hold? It is getting Summer time around here so keep that in mind if you decide to venture down. If you want to go crappie fishing, give me a call and I'll hook you up with a guide that will put you on em.. December 9, 2017: I ain't saying I ain't seen it before.. But I guess we need the water to cool down a bit before it warms up a bit to get these ladies in the lovin' mood.. Two of my trips last week were to the south west end of the lake like I said.. And we went up the river to take our weekly ass beating.. I didn't get him stuck good and he jumped and threw the hook.. As was proven by a lot of fishermen that wore em out over the weekend. I am sure there are still plenty of fish in the off colored water, but from what I have seen, there are not a lot of boats fishing in it.. The lake has come up a bit the last week, and the ramp at the state park is working fine, although it is still down to the middle lane. The county ramp is a bit flat, and the west side of is has some silt on top of it, but it is still working fine.. Sunday I fished with a buddy and we caught some flipping fish, but kind of struck out on deep rocks. What is a bit concerning is that water temps went from 73° on Monday, to 63° yesterday.. But these Falcon fish can get a little uppity when the water gets cold.. But I am sure I will have to go check on them when the ice breakers can make it that far south.. Well the bait hardly got wet and about a two pounder had my worm and hauled ass with it. They were too damn little to know exactly what they were. In any case the fishing down here has been pretty damn good this last week. The water is slowly clearing on the top end of the lake, but you need to get past marker ten before you see some green. To pick at the exfoliating skin, as it peels off my arms, After an overexposure.. And sweat like a twenty dollar hooker, In the back seat of a Nash Rambler.. Last week I was saying how Matt Reed had a monster day. I have some wood projects in the shop I need to finish before Christmas.. Here are a couple of fish that were caught during the blizzard.. But I have seen a lot more pics of decent fish as well.. And that is what is in store for the next week it appears.. I'd like it a lot better if it started out at seventy.. Especially if I hear any more reports like the one above.. The white bass are stacked under the Veleno bridge, but few crappie are being caught under there.. To feel your heat, burning through my T-shirt, As I work a bank from east to west.. I will have to say, however, that those that have braved the wind, cold, and rain have done surprisingly well.. The last few mornings have been in the forties and highs have made it to almost seventy.. I reckon the cooler water has run the fish out of the trees a bit into slightly deeper water. The fish have to move back into these creeks sooner or later.. But if it clears up and the sun pops out I will have to give it a try..

And I found one sweet spot about the size of the average back yard that had a bunch of fish in it.. A summer spawn is not at all uncommon in these parts.. We were running a bank that we have fished a million (hundred) times in the past in the back half of the Salado. Speaking of the API, registration will be at Beacon on Thursday evening.. Even the shallow rock piles have fish on them, especially early.. But I am sure I will be back again, in there next week or so, hoping.. In architecture, going even as far back as medieval times, gargoyles were put on buildings and walls to warn, or scare off anyone that didn't belong to, or know the area or compound they were approaching.. And I can't believe they are treating me that badly.. And some folks have told me they caught some in some of those creeks.. I have finally figured out why it was never taken out.. When I heard that I was thinking to myself (because I would never say it out loud) that that sounds like a load of bullshit.. All this happened on the south end of the lake of course. You know that cold and James are like oil and water.. Most of the fish we caught last week were in about eight to ten feet of water. And with this weather change, all bets are off for the next few days.. I am sure they have nosedived the last three days.. I have the worlds worst picture of that fish which I will not include.. But the wind was a bitch and no one ventured out of Government or state park cove I hear. He says that they had thirty fish over five pounds, with an eight and a nine mixed in.. Too many nice fish have been caught as of late and I know I'm gonna whack one as well.. Of course all of this info is slightly out of date.. We'll be down in the low sixties on the surface in the next few days.. And after a minute we got her in the boat and she weighed 9-1.. I am sure this fish was up there to spawn, just like several big fish that I heard about last week that were caught in knee deep water. He is about a twenty inch wide eight pointer with short tines and light horns.. But I was hunting for something better and did not see it.. I have nick-named him Pancho Villa in honor of his big balls... And ledges and humps were instrumental in finding more than one good fish.


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