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You can get advance notice of some pretty impressive candidate properties fro conversion into that dream home.

Maybe even end up going mortgage free – a wonderful feeling.

), sits a water tower conversion for sale – with these words being written at a former lighthouse station in the far north.

With a chance, albeit slim, that we can locate the buyer and introduce them to the owner of the unique property for sale in Harrietsham, Kent!

For £195 per night, you can rent the whole rock house off of the owner…This is a pretty inspirational place to stay and we hope it will set some of our readers on a course to find a suitable humongous big rock to carve their own home within.

Maybe even a small mountain if you fancy going for a bigger undertaking: for example, a megalithic motel!

So someone, somewhere may be able to transform this tower house into something truly remarkable.The duck egg blue cling-on is, frankly a ducking nightmare…is not just any old cave house, it is the first luxury rock dwelling in the UK and is available for rent.All of you soft Londoners, Mancunians, Cardiffians and Edinburgers please be thankful you have tons of cold-weather infrastructure. At the very top of the UK, we only had 50 tea-lights and they’ve all gone. Normally, the daytime television is never on here at Bulletin HQ, but such was the novelty of having electricity reconnected, that the goggle-box was switched on in the background.Enjoying a session tapping at the Unique Property Bulletin computer keyboard for a completely different listing, something on the tv caught my attention. The reason being, we had featured this very water tower in an old issue of Unique Property Bulletin.It would appear to have been a brave soul’s effort to take on their dream project, but for whatever reason, they have bitten off much more than was manageable. Hopefully, their next project will not be so over reaching in ability to arrive at a habitable conclusion.


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