Sonogram dating for due date astrology dating site

Once you have added the ideal figure, it should give you the estimate of the day you conceived.Now, you will need to confirm whether this is correct using your due date.In your first trimester, you should be able to get your due date using an ultrasound.Sonographers use a dating method known as crown rump.As a result, when you come to finding the conception date based on due date, you will have to subtract first the 14 days (2 weeks) in order to get 266 days.Now using the due date reverse from it on the calendar for 266 days.In the first instance, you were reversing from the due date to obtain the conception date.

If you have a longer cycle of say 30 days, you should add 16 days, and a shorter cycle of 24 days, you should add just 10 days.Once the fertilization takes place, the egg develops into a blastocyst, which has to implant on the uterus.It takes about 7-14 days for you to affirm that you are pregnant using a pregnancy test.The good thing is that your obstetrician gave you a due date.With that little information you can find out conception date based on due date.This should give you an estimated date of when you conceived.


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