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Siegel initially conceived of Superman, and Shuster brought the character to life through sketches, sometimes drawing his creations on brown wrapping paper or the back of wallpaper.

The two friends drafted the first Superman comics in Siegel’s childhood home in Glenville.

May 6, 2017 – March 31, 2018 Follow Superman’s journey from his creative birth in Cleveland to his growing international popularity, his connection to social justice issues, his influence on the current superhero craze, and the pride our community maintains for its homegrown superhero.

Three floors of exhibits in the Main Library will feature memorabilia, art and artifacts from the Mike Curtis Collection of Superman Memorabilia and other prominent collectors.

The Kents named their son Clark and instilled in him strong moral values.

Clark, or Kal-El, developed his powers as Superboy before growing up to fight evil as Superman.

Some of Superman’s most infamous villains include: Clark Kent is Superman’s secret civilian identity.

His Earth parents are Jonathan and Martha Kent, who found and adopted baby Kal-El after his spacecraft crashed in a cornfield in Smallville, Kansas.

Superman is one of the most widely recognized superheroes in the world.

Lois Lane is a star reporter for the paper who becomes Clark Kent’s friendly rival and Superman’s love interest.

Lois Lane’s character was influenced by several women, including real-life journalist Nellie Bly and the fictional reporter Torchy Blane, who was portrayed by actress Glenda Farrell.

Jor-El was a scientist who tried to warn the citizens of Krypton of its impending destruction, but he was ultimately only able to save his infant son.

Both Jor-El and Lara perished in Krypton’s explosion.


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