Summer camp dating

During the summer, Camp Chetek sees hundreds of different people visit the camp, whether they be a camper, sponsor, family member, preacher, pastor, layman, former staff, or someone who has memories from 60 years ago when they were a camper and the Lord called them to the missions field.

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Community and educational outreach—just another way SEMS is doing its part to help build our region’s next generation of engineers and scientists.*Teen Camp Only AGES: Junior Camp is for any camper entering 3rd–7th grade. Campers who violate these standards may be subject to dismissal at the parents’ expense. All t-shirts should be in good taste and free of inappropriate graphics.Teen Camp is for any camper entering 7th–12th grade or graduating in the current camper year. Communication: Camper use of the camp phone is prohibited. Camp Chetek reserves the right to ask any camper to change attire deemed inappropriate.CHILD ABUSE POLICIES No form of child abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual, will be permitted or tolerated at Camp. Emotional abuse can be considered mental or emotional injury to a child or youth that results in an observable and material impairment in the child or youth’s growth, development or psychological or emotional functioning.Anything done to inflict pain while disciplining a student can be considered child abuse.Though we have no intention to call our staff or volunteers to suspicion and mistrust, we do recognize the need to call our staff or volunteers beyond the naiveté of unquestioning confidence and into the care and discipline that must characterize our choices where children are concerned.


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