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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. £RE AS /^/ common gaol for f Huring the prtjhners of the Pfcam Wc, 'Otun at Maidftone, in the wejlern divifton of the county of in great decay y too Jf rait for thefafe keeping of the prtfon-^ ponding in the middle of the faid town^ is often^ from \ of the prifoner Sy both omnfive and dangerous to the tnha* tie faid town^ and tofuth as refort thither ; and there be^ ifonfer confining of debtors^ great charge j expence andha^ thereby occaftoned to the Jberiff of the faid county for the r, to whofe cujlody fcveral perfons are committed for debts \rg€ fums of money ; all which injufficiendes and inionvejii' the gaol aforefaid have been presented by the grand jury at c and general gaol delivery held for the faid county : and there is no fcite of ground to enlarge tpe faidgaol^ or to rifon and other conveniencies for thefafe keeping of debtors \ much as the juftices of the peace for the faid county cannot by now in force raife ajitfficient fum of money upon the faid n order to pur chafe a new fcite of ground^ and thereon build nor con tbif apply the flock of the faid county^ or any part for the purpoj'es aforefaid % be it therefore ena Aed, \^c. \ An an for the better regulating the nightly watch and bedels ' vnthin the parijhes of Saint Margaret and Saint John j tlic Evangclift, v^ithin the city and liberty of Weftmin- j ftcr. : 'HEREAS a new cburch hath been en Sied near Mill ' Bank, in the parijb of Saint Margaret, Weftminfter, and '' c di Jlri Sf hath been allotted thereto^ which ftnce the confciration of thefaid church hath been called and known by the name of the parip . S ihireif in the night Jeofon ; the cammijfton of which crimes has a great ntsafure been owing to the injufficient manner in which e jlrtet Sy lanes^ pajfages and courts of the faid" city^ have for fome jrs pajl been^ and at this prefent time are lighted by the proprietors ^tkf convex lights : and whereas the citizens of London are de- ruu to have the open places^ Jireets^ lanesy pajfages and courts thereof t Ughtemsd in a better and more effeffual manner ^ as well for their urn as for tie common fafety and benefit of all other perfons whofe fairs oblige them to pajs and repafs torough the fame j and in order I effe Sfo good a work the faid citizens have confinted and agreed s raijii tbt money nueffary for that purpofe by a reafonable tax and fijfmene on the inhabitants of the (aid city^ inj'uch manner as here* V after is exprejfed: hut forafmuch as the fame cannot he effectually htu hut by the aid and a JMance of an adt of parliament ; may it kaie your Majefty (at the humble petition and deilre of the Bayor, aldennen, and commonalty of the city of London^ in ronomon coancil aflembled) that it may be enaded, and be it enafted by the King's mod excellent majefty, by and with the idvice and confent of the lords fpiritual and temporal, and com- oions, in this prefent parliament aflembled, and by the autho- rity of the fame.It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. No perfon f»y.^'' ing the faid af Teffment, or chofen a bedel or watchmen, to gam thereby i|i:; fettlement. XL enlarging the term and |)owers granted bf an a6^ palled in the r year ot the reign of his late majefty King George the Firit, , Am a Q fur rtpmrmg iht r9adfr§m Bienspeki im tbf €9imty of Stokt M tburcb in tbi coun Sy of Oxon. ices at their ^neral qinarter ieflions tnay^ authorize perfbns to ground in Maidftone parifh, to be ve Red in the tnittees herein When the truftees fliall be reduced to (even, others to be chofen, edtng ten, &c. ^ Saint John the Evangclift: and whereas^ notwithflanding fucb • divifony all parochial rates (except only the rate for the maintenance ; of the re Hor of the faid new churchy appointed to be made by anaif ] pajfed in the firjl year of the reign of his prefent Majejly^ intituled^ , An a6t for making provifion for the rcdor of the new cburch \ fituate near Mill Bani^ in the parifti of Saint Margaret^ Weft- ■ minjlerj and for other purpofes therein mentioned) have been and * MOW are Anno nono Georgii II. That fuch a convenient and fufficient number Glaft lamps of glafs lamps, of fuch fort and falhion, and put up in fuch^ be put up pons and places of tlie faid city of London^ and the Uberties c" r^t"'*°"'?i book of regiftry for fuch orders without fee or charge ; and af- :, ter fuch entry made fuch afl Sgnment fliail intitle fuch aflignee^ ^ his, her or their executors, adminiftrators, fucceflbrs and at ^ figns, to the benefit thereof and payment thereon;- and fudi I anignee may in like manner aflign again, and fo toties quoties-^ and * afterwards it (hall not be in the power of fuch perfon or per- .fons who (hall make fuch afllgnments, to make void, releafi!Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. To enable his Majefty to fettle an annuity of fifteen thou- land pounds on his royal highnefs the duke of Cun Airmi% and the beirs of his body, and alfo one orher annuity of twenty four thou- fand pounds on their royal high- neflfes the princefs Ama Ue^ the prin- cefs Caroline^ the princefs Mcryy and the princefs Lmfa. That it mail and thedral, and may be lawful to and for the alderman of the ward of Caflk all other pub. 37 piriament pafled in the fir A year of his late majefty King George the Firft, as requires perfons to qualify themfclves for offices or employments within three months, and for limiting other dmes for fuch qualifications ; as alfo for the repeal of fo much of an a A pafied in the thirtieth year of the reign of KAn^Charks the Second, as relates to the fworn fervants of the Kmg's or Qpcen*s majefty, limited to any time before the end of the next term^ ^ter he §r they fiall he admitted into or enter mon any fuch prefer^ mentf benefice ^ office or placcy or come into any fuch capacity ^ or take Mftn him or them fuch pra£iicey employment^ or bufinefs^ as is there* in mentijiiedj or to any time before the end of the next quarter feffions %fxhe county^ city or place^ where fuch perjon Jba Jl be or refide^ after it tr tbey fball he admitted int Oy or enter upon any fuch pre* ftnaettt^ benefice^ office or place^ or come hto any fuch capacity ^ or uke vpm him or them fuch pra Sice^ employment or buftnefs as is therein mentioned: and whereas by the (aid a6i made in the twenty ffibjear of the reign of King Chzx\t% the Second^ the refpe SHve per* Jws tbtritn mentioned are required to make andfubfcribe the dedara" tun tgainfl tranfubftantiation in the next term, or at the quarter Jtpensfor that county or place where he or theyjhall refidcy next af- ter his or their admittance er admittances into the refpe^ive offices or empteyments therein mentioned^ which times fo limited in thefaidfe- verm a^s are found to be too Jbort and inconvenient ; now for re- medy thereof, and for amending the faid a6^s by enlarging the bid dmes, be it enaded by the authority aforefaid. of the reign of his late majefty King George the Firft, ana of nuein full At twenty fifth year of the reign of King Charles the Second, *orcc, cna Aed or provided touching or relating to the taking and fub- faibing of the faid oaths, and the making and fublcribing the faid declaration, or the negledt or refufal thereof, (hail be ad- judged, deemed and taken to be in full force, as if the fame vae herein panicularl^ inferted and re-enadled, except only as except only as to the alteration by this aft made in refpeft of the times limit- *?We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. For allowing further time for inrolment of deeds aiul wills made by papifts, and for relief of proceftant purchafers, devifees, and le Sees. Boynard^ with the advice and confent of his deputy and com- to be m7^** mon councilmcn, or the majority of them, at his and their m Ssk^Jl^^ ^ difcretions, and they arc hereby required yearly and every year, to tax and aflefs the cathedral church of Saint Paul; and alfo for the alderman of each refpcdtive ward where fuch other pub- lick buildings rcfpet^lively do Oand, and are fituate, by and with the advice and confent of his deputy and common councilmen, or the majority of them, at his and their difcretions, and tbeif are hereby required yearly and every year, to tax and aflefs a H 4ari(h churches, church-yards, chapels, meeting-houfes, fchocds, halls, marlcets, vvare-houfes, and all other publiclc buildings whatfoever, fituatc, (landing, and being within their refpe Aive ' wards, towards the erecting, fupplying, maintaining, and re5 purpofes aforefaid, as (hall be agreeable to this a A. And be it further enafted by the authority aforefaid. "*" ^^ received as afbrefaid, (hall be applied in the manner above mentioned 1 that is to ffiy. That this ad, or any thing herein con- tained, (hall nor extend, or be conftrued to extend, to reflore or intitle any perfon or perfons to any of Hce or employment benefice, matter or thing whatfocver, alreadv adually avoided by judgment of any of his Majefly's courts of^record, or already filled up or enjoyed by another perfon ; but fuj:h of Hce, em- ployment, benefice, matter or thing, fo avoided, or filled up and enjoyed as aforcfaid, (Iiall be and remain in and to the per- fon or perfons who is or are now intitled to the fame, as if this ad had never been made. yfnd whereas the time for taking atd fubfcribing the oath ap* point I'd to be taken and fubfcribed by perfons on account of their offius^ places^ enipkyments^ or profcffons^ or on any other caufe^ in and Ij the faid cih mrde in tic firft year of the reign of his late majejly King George the Firft^ is^ ty an a Sl made in the Jecond year of the reign of his prefcnt Mt-jepy^ intituled^ An ad for indemnifying perfons who have omitted to qualify themfelves for offices and employ- ments within the time limited by law, and for allowing further time for that purpofe, and for repealing fo much of an ad of pariia- 175^7 Anno nono Georgii II. That all and every porfon and perfons that (hall be admitted, entred, placed er taken into any office or offices, civil or military, or (hall re- cdve any pay, falary, fee or wages, by reafon of any patent or pant from his Majefty, his heirs or fucceflbrs, or by his au- thorityt or by authority derived from him or them within that part ot Great Britain called England^ or in -his Majefty V navy, or in the feveral idands of Jerfey and Guernfcy^ or that (hall be admitted into any fervice, office or employment, in the houfe- hold or family or his Majefty, or her Majefty, or of his royal Iw|mefs Frederick prince of ^alesy or of any of his Majefty's ttue7 and all ecclefiaftical perfons, heads or governors, ot what denomination foever, and all other members of colleges and halls within either of the univerfities of Oxford or Cambridge^ that are or (hall be of the foundation^ or that do or (hall eopy any exhibition, being of, or as foon as they (hall attain the age of eighteen years, and all perfons teaching or reading to pupils in either of the aforefaid univerfities, or elfewhere, and fchoolmafters and ufhers, and all preachers and teachers of feparate congregations, hi^h and chief conftables, and every pcrfan who (hul a£t as feijeant at law, counfellor at law, bar-) lifter, advocate, attorney, folicitor, proctor, clerk, or notary, by pra6ti(ing in any manner as fuch in any court or courts what- foever, within that part of Great Britain called England^ who Ihdi at any time after the firft day of Auguft^ in the year of our Lord one tboufand feven hundred and thirty (ix be admitted ioto, or rater upon, any of the aforementioned preferments^ D3 benefices. ^^* «ltcri- cd for taking and fubfcribing the faid oaths, and making and Jj J?

commiflioners of the t^eafury for the time being ; and after fieiw 2!A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. For continuing the feveral laws therein mentioned, relating to the premiums upon the impor- Ution of mafts, yards, and bow- fprits, tar, pitch, and turpentine ; to JBr/Vv^-made fail cloth, and the duties payable on foreign fail cloth; to the Greenland and to the n«Vv;^) by an hilf-ye9rly iffei&nent, and may be levied by diftrefs. No hired fervant capable of being cholen a bedel or watch* i^ nan. A convenient gaol, with different wards, to be art of the prefent county ftock to be applied towards the charge the remaining charge to be railed by afleifipent'at the quarter CAP. SJ; thereof, as to the mayor, aldermen, and commonalty of the direaions'of faid city, in common council aflembled, (hall feem meet and the lord expedient, fliall be with all convenient fpeed eredled and fixed mavor, &c.Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Perfoot ag*.^ grieved may appeal to the next general quarter leflions, whofe oldec to ■ ' be final. Colle6^ors of the afleflment to account to the veftry on s6 Jidfp '' yearly, or oftner, if required. ^ An a Sl for repairing and widening the road leading from Saint Punftaall ^Z Crofs near the city of Canurbury , tc tbe waterfide at Whitftable ia tb^;^ county of Kent. XIIL for the better regulating the nightly watch and bedels in the parifh of Saint Paul, Covent Garden, within iberties of the city of Weftminftcr. to or near any houfe or building, place or places whatfoever r"k*^? And, for defraying the firft cxpcnce of buying and ered V- ing of fuch lamps or lights, and alfo the yearly charges of fup- plying, maintaining; and repairing the fame, the following rates and afleflonents (hall be laid and raifed on the fevcrai inhabitants ot the faid city and the liberties thereof, annually and each S^ fixm and after the twenty fifth day of Adarch^ one thou- i (even hundred and thirty fix ; that is to fay.lieti thereof \ be it therefore enabled by the authority aforefaid, . ^^ *"y ^^ *^ ^^'^ ^^"^^ *"y ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ *• : in lieu of fuch f^'^ comm Kfioners of the treafury now being, or the high trea- !as are defaced, (iirer, or any three or more of the commit Tioners of the treafury , *^c- for the time being, may, if he or they (hall fo think fit, ftom : time to time caufe to be made forth new (landing orders for \ and in lieu of fuch defaced, obliterated, incumbred or other- i!I ^orefaid, and every of them, (hall b^ free froi^lpll taxes, liarges and impofitions whatfoever. And be it further engfled by the authority aforefaid.


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