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Maybe your partner is putting crazy demands on the relationship and you’re having trouble deciding to leave.

Or maybe you think your lover wants out, but is stringing you along for some unknown reason. If your partner is giving you signals that he or she wants out, you have to take these serious.

If your partner tells you it’s over, then it’s over.

If your significant other has a new partner or stops returning your calls, then you need to face the obvious facts and realize the relationship is over.

If your partner gets emotional over the simplest thing or obsesses over your every move, that’s not healthy. If your partner is obsessively jealous, overpossessive or hysterical, you need to get out the relationship and find a healthier one.

I’m still waiting to here back from Kim, so what’s up are you still down to get together or are you all talk. I’ll cum to you where ever you are, so don’t be afraid.

You can try to repair the relationship by talking things over with a liar or cheating. If your partner makes promises and doesn’t keep them, there’s something wrong with the relationship.

If the person is constantly late to pick you up or come in from a night out on the town, this person is exhibiting hostility to you and your relationship.

Ryan was so drunk he hardly found the keyhole, then stumbled over the threshold and fell down on the floor.Mutual respect is the foundation of any relationship.If you aren’t being respected, then the relationship has to change.If it’s more of a relief to be apart than be together, that’s a bad sign.The reason you’re in the affair is because you enjoyed the time spend in the company of one another.This is intolerable and unsustainable over the long term.


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