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"Showing a different aspect to the country should not present any problems," he said.

The Tourism Ministry's Gafni added that he has received no negative feedback from the campaign and that even the Jewish press in the UK has favored the idea of showing Israel differently. Meanwhile, the Tourism Ministry said Monday it has allocated 30% of its marketing and advertising budget to Internet-based campaigns.

About three years ago, Israeli police greatly reduced women trafficking by pouring resources into the problem.

Security forces have also helped by stepping up patrols on the Israeli-Egyptian border as a result of al Qaeda presence in the Sinai.

This follows the initial success of its campaign on the Yahoo Internet portal, which displays more traditional Israel promotional banners when a travel search is done for Europe or the Far East.

The ministry said the Yahoo campaign brought 130,000 visitors to its site in November, the start of the four-month campaign.

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It aims to collect enough signatures to pressure the Israeli justice ministry to back legislation that makes it a crime for men to go to prostitutes.

The UK tourism office allocated a budget of 1.5 million for the promotion, which included print adverts in the mainstream media, on taxicabs, the subways and buses.

While Gafni insisted that it's too soon to measure its true impact, the racy television ad has given its new Web site ( the boost it sought.

The Israeli Government says it will now allow Jews to immigrate to Israel with their non-Jewish same-sex spouses.

Interior Minister Gideon Saar told immigration authorities on Tuesday not to differentiate between married gay and straight couples.


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