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Windows 10 is a resource hog, particularly with the integrated graphics solutions commonly found in business PCs, so 4GB is a minimum.Business PCs require less storage than consumer PCs, since you're less likely to use them to sync your i Pod or house your personal video collection.Since storage is so inexpensive these days, a hard drive with 500GB of space strikes a good balance between economy and space.Frankly, 40GB to 60GB of available storage could be enough for just about all the Power Point, Word, and Excel documents you use on a day-to-day basis, especially if your office uses a network to house (and thus back up) files.Most of the time, integrated graphics will be just fine, since you won't be playing 3D games on your work desktop.Most workers who require discrete graphics will use them for specialized tasks, such as GPU acceleration in Adobe Photoshop or 3D graphics visualization for architectural drawings.

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Specialized business PCs have extra features that make them better suited to the office than the 0 sales-circular special.

Most minitower and some small-form-factor (SFF) budget desktops will have a measure of expansion.

You'll find space for at least one extra internal hard drive, a PCI Express (PCIe) x16 video card slot, a selection of PCI or PCIe expansion slots, and maybe space for another optical drive.

(Mini CDs, survivors of a fad dating to the early 2000s, tend to get stuck in a slot-loading drive because of their odd size, and if that happens you have to open up the drive to extract them.) High-speed Internet basically replaced the need to ship large files on optical discs, so Blu-ray is only necessary if you work for a movie company.

Most business PCs come with integrated graphics—that is, video capabilities that are built into the computers' AMD or Intel processors.


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