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Many of those who survived were either out of the country or managed to hide their identities and to convince their Khmer Rouge enforcers that they were ordinary peasants.John O'Mahoney wrote in The Guardian: Nowhere were the policies of the Khmer Rouge “applied more barbarously than to artists, writers and intellectuals, with an estimated 90 percent wiped out.These two religions, along with the Sanskrit language and other elements of Indian civilization, arrived in mainland Southeast Asia during the first few centuries A. [Source: Tourism of Cambodia] Seafaring merchants following the coast from India to China brought them to the port cities along the Gulf of Thailand, which were then controlled by the state of Funan in Cambodia.At varying times, Cambodian culture also absorbed Javanese, Chinese, and Thai influences.

The Communist Khmer Rouge regime, which opposed and mistrusted religion and education, banned all of Cambodia's traditional arts and its written language.

Often has a time limit parameter, where either the person the characters go inside has a very short amount of time left to live, or the shrinking is temporary and the characters must accomplish their mission and get out before they kill the person by returning to normal size while inside of them.

These items tend to make handy platforms for any body explorers lacking a submarine, since shrunken characters usually suffer instant death upon contact with stomach acid (either that or they are completely immune).

Between the 9th and 15th centuries, a prosperous and powerful empire flourished in northwestern Cambodia.

The Khmer kingdom of Angkor, named for its capital city, dominated much of what is now Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand.


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