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Dan, the hardy wine boss who quickly won Lemonis' trust in the original episode, says wine sales on the Internet peaked at ,000-,000 in their best month.

But now, "There is no Web business." Matt is completely indifferent to Lemonis and the TV production.

Green Tea (everybody wants vanilla, so let's throw 10 grand here and there at new flavors) and Grafton Furniture (let's hire someone to paint a ghastly mural on the front of the building) and Shuler's Bar-B-Q (does a part-time restaurant really need a gift shop of non-restaurant items? (The guess here is that the landlord, out of deference to the Barons' father, had been giving the brothers favorable terms and after seeing Lemonis enter the picture, decided the brothers didn't need his help anymore.) Surely, one would have to question pouring 6 digits of cash into a location that, according to what was later mentioned on the show, is subject to lease revocation at any time. It's a show about how floundering businesses can look really nice if unlimited amounts of money are thrown at them.

But as Lemonis spread himself thinner and thinner, the show became a shrine to excess. (See Amazing Grapes and Standard Burger and Inkkas and Wick'ed.) Then there are the quality businesses that got eyebrow-raising investments, such as Mr. 1, Car Cash, might've had the worst investment of all, as the seemingly happy ending of Lemonis' costly overhaul of the Baron brothers' prized location was undermined by an update in which the Barons got booted by their landlord.

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In the first episode, Lemonis says of Dan, "It's ultimately his decision how we buy wine and how we do all that stuff." Presumably, Dan would've benefited from learning how to upload wine to the Internet.

Well, that sure sounds good — if your competition is Amazon, Google or Facebook. And at SJC Custom Drums, Lemonis' original attempts to restore the relationship between Mike and his artisan brother Scott appears to backfire, as SJC is found to have a bunch of cajons built and billed by Scott that weren't exactly what Chris ordered.

But think of every small business you've visited in the last month. Mike says that SJC still owes Scott a lot of money for the cajons, and that he is done talking about his relationship with Scott.

While it might have been productive to remove original owner Greg from the Amazing Grapes operation, clearly there's a leadership vacuum.

One thing clear from "The Profit" is that even the people who run these businesses aren't really comfortable firing people unless Lemonis comes to town.


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